world sleep day 2023: snoring considered a sign of good sleep by 58 per cent indians: study
World Sleep day 2023: ResMed, a digital health and respiratory care company, conducted a sleep survey in India which found that 58% of respondents believe that snoring is a good sign of sleep, without knowing that it can cause Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and other sleep-related problems. The new survey looked at peoples attitudes and behaviors related to sleep health and its impact on overall wellbeing. Out of 20,050 participants across various countries, many did not understand how to solve sleep-related problems even though they knew good sleep was important for their health. The survey also found that 97% of Indians face obstacles when seeking treatment for sleep issues. The survey found that 85% of Indian respondents reported satisfaction with their sleep quality out of 5018 participants. However, the global survey noted that the quality of sleep in 2023 has declined by 22% compared to 2022. Participants reported that the decline in their sleep quality was caused by electronic devices (40%), changes in routine (37%), stress (37%), and financial pressures (37%). These factors led to adverse effects such as mood changes, excessive daytime sleepiness, and difficulty in concentration during the day. The survey conducted in January 2023 found that most Indians consider getting a good amount of sleep each night crucial for improving the immune system. Almost half of them (47%) use a sleep tracker to record their sleep habits and patterns to improve their sleep health. However, 30% of the Indian respondents expressed their doubts that treatment could improve their overall health and sleep-related issues, with 32% expressing concerns about the cost of treatment and 30% fearing the potential results. The survey found that only 20% of respondents would choose to consult a medical provider. Most people prefer seeking advice from family or friends (57%) and online sources (37%). The survey respondents revealed that only 21% of males and 24% of females have undergone sleep apnea testing, indicating a low level of awareness about sleep-related disorders. This according to survey is a cause for concern as globally, around 936 million individuals are affected by sleep apnea, with 28 million cases in India alone.
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