Xite College Jamshedpur Offers 50% Scholarship For Deserving Candidates : 2805

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xite college jamshedpur offers 50 scholarship for deserving candidates
In a groundbreaking move towards fostering inclusive education, XITE College has opened its doors for applications to its esteemed degree programs in BBA, B.Com. (H), B.A. Eng. (H), and B.A. Eco. (H) for the upcoming academic year 2024. This initiative carries a profound commitment to providing quality education to all, as XITE has designated 100 seats exclusively for tribal and underprivileged students, predominantly from Rural and Remote Areas. An official of XITE College, expressed the institutions dedication to breaking down barriers to education. He stated, At XITE, we believe in the transformative power of education. By earmarking seats for Tribal and Underprivileged students, we aim to bridge the gap and provide equal opportunities for academic growth. What elevates this initiative to new heights of commendability is the provision of a 50% scholarship for deserving candidates from these communities. This move is poised to make higher education not only accessible but also empowering for those who have traditionally faced barriers to pursuing advanced studies. The online application form is now live, and prospective students can access it through various channels, including XITEs social media handles, official email ( admissions@xite.ac.in ), and mobile number (+917761045412). This step ensures a seamless and user-friendly application process for aspirants. With a limited overall intake of 300 seats, XITE stands tall as a beacon of academic excellence in the Kolhan Region. The institution boasts a NAAC accreditation with a B grade, underscoring its unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch education. Recognized by the UGC as a 2(F) college, XITE solidifies its standing in the realm of higher education, ensuring that its programs meet and exceed the established standards. An official of Admissions at XITE, emphasized the institutions vision, saying, We envision XITE as a transformative journey for every student. Our commitment to inclusive education is not just a statement; its a lived reality. This initiative is a timely and commendable extension of XLRI and a unit of Xavier Colleges, adding another layer of significance to the legacy of these esteemed institutions. Unlock the door to your academic journey at XITE, where education is not merely a pursuit but a transformative experience for every student. XITE College is a timely initiative of XLRI with unflinching support of the Jamshedpur Jesuit Society. The main objective of the College is to groom students both in knowledge and skill, and prepare them towards nation building and good citizenship. The College is accredited by NAAC with Grade B in the 1st Cycle in 2019 and it is affiliated to Kolhan University. Currently the College offers various Degree Programmes and is recognized by the UGC.